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Automatic Home Gate Light Circuit

In this article, we are describing a Home Gate Light Circuit for automatic ON OFF for home or street light controller project by using LDR (Light-dependent resistor). We want to tell you that nobody manually on/off these light physically. That’s why you need a Home Gate Light Automation system for your home.


The light Sensor Switch works on 110/220v AC. so please stay away from this project while it is connected with Main power.

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Home Gate Light Circuit Layout Diagram

This is our new simple Electronics project about Home Gate Light Circuit for the home gate light automation control system. In this project, we did not use any relay for on/off. We have just used a TRIAC as a relay to on and off the Home gate light Automatically.

Home Gate Light Circuit Wiring Diagram

Components used in this Home Gate Light Circuit

Resistor: 220k 1/4 watts
LDR: Light-dependent resistor

This Home Gate Light Circuit system is highly sensitive. When the LDR goes dark the gate light automatically on when the LDR finds light the wall lights off automatically. Once the Gate lights are placed in this system there is no need to monitor them anymore. it’s called Home Gate Light Automation. They function on their own. They are less costly and reliable. This system can handle heavy loads up to 7A if you use BT139 then it can handle an 18A main current.


If we said LDR, most of you may ask what LDR is. LDR stands for Light Dependent Resistor and it is also named Photoresistor. This is a passive electronic component, in which the resistance of the resistor varies according to the light intensity. This LDR has made from a semiconductor with high resistance and it can absorb the photons. Semiconductor materials give adequate energy to the bound electrons to transfer into the conduction band. This process has based on the quantity and frequency of the absorbed photons. These transferred electrons conduct electricity by lowering the resistance of the photoresistor. And the photon frequency decides the number of electrons. 

Working procedure of Home Gate Light Circuit LDR (Photoresistor) for Home Gate Light Automation

The resistance of this Home Gate Light Circuit LDR is high in darkness and the resistance may build up to 1MΩ. But if the LDR gets light instead of darkness, resistance will reduce from some amount of kΩ s (10-20kΩ @ 10 lux, 2-4kOmega; @ 100 lux) and it depends on the model of LDR. You can easily understand the working mechanism of the LDR. Initially, it’s better to understand that the electric current relates to the movement of the electrons in a material. 

A better working conductor enables a large number of electrons that can move freely in a given direction with potential action. On the other side, high resistance insulators have few amounts of electrons. So they can’t move freely to make the current flow. An LDR is usually made with a semiconductor material that has high resistance. Electrons in these materials are unable to move since they have locked in a crystal lattice. 

When the semiconductor gets the light, the lattice absorbs the light photons. Then the energy of those photons is transferred to electrons to provide energy and these electrons use this energy to break free from the lattice. Finally, it leads to conduct energy and lowers the resistance of semiconductors as well as LDR. If the semiconductor gets lighter, more electrons will release to conduct the electricity, and the resistance of the LDR may fall more. 

There are many shapes as well as colors in LDRs. And also these photoresistors have used various types of electronic devices such as street lights, clocks, alarms, switching devices, and many more. Further, there are audio applications like compressors that use LDR. This can also use to ON and OFF automatically as per the ambient light density. That’s all about our Automatic Gate Light Circuit for Home Gate Light Automation.

electroschematics.com also enables some circuits which use photoresistors. 

Read Wikipedia for more about Home Gate Light Circuits, Home Gate Light Automation, Electric Gates, and Home Automation.

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