Controlling Two Bulbs Using Two Single Pole One-Way Switch

Welcome to our tutorial on how to control two bulbs using two single pole one-way switches! In this guide, we will show you how to build a circuit that allows you to turn two bulbs on and off independently using one-way switch. This circuit is a simple configuration that can be useful in a variety of settings, whether it’s in your home, workshop, or office. We’ll walk you through the steps of building the circuit, including the tools and materials you’ll need to get started. With a clear understanding of the process, you’ll be able to control two bulbs with ease using just a pair of single pole one-way switches. So let’s get started!

Layout diagram

Wiring diagram

Equipment and tools: Steel rule, Plier, Tester, Screw Driver, Combination Plier, Cable Insulation Knife, Awl, Mallet. 


  • Single pole one-way switch 02 no’s
  • Batten Holder 02 no’s
  • Sunk Box 02 no’s
  • Round Block 02 
  • 1/1.3 Red Wire
  • 1/1.3 Blue Wire
  • Bulbs 02

Procedure: Take the measurements according to the layout diagram and create the wiring diagram. Use the equipment and tools to draw on the board. Then, use 1 ½ clips for three wires and 1 ¼ clips for two wires and set them on the board. After setting the switches and the rest of the components, set the 1/1.3 red wire and 1/1.3 blue wire with the clips on the board. Check whether the circuit is correct through a multi-meter and supply electricity. 

Conclusion: The circuit activated and lit the two bulbs 

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