Simple House Wiring

Welcome to our blog post about simple house wiring! Whether you’re a homeowner looking to do some basic electrical work around the house or a professional electrician, understanding the basics of house wiring is essential. In this post, we’ll provide a simple overview of the process of wiring a house, So if you’re ready to dive into the world of house wiring, let’s get started!

Layout diagram

Wiring diagram


  • Main switch    01 no’s 
  • Residual current circuit breaker 01 no’s 
  • Single pole one-way switch 02 no’s 
  • Single phase single socket outlet 02 no’s    
  • Batten Holder 02 no’s
  • Sunk Box 04 no’s
  • Round Block 02 
  • 1/1.3 Red Wire
  • 1/1.3 Blue Wire
  • Bulbs 02
  • 7/0.67 Earth wire

Procedure: First, draw the circuit according to the layout diagram. Set the slips in the correct distance. Then, fix the rest of the items. Draw the wires and set the switches. Check the circuit from a multi-meter and give power supply.

Conclusion: Circuit activated correctly 

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