Star delta power circuit

In a star delta power circuit, three-phase AC power is transformed into single-phase power through the use of a star-delta transformer. This type of circuit is commonly used in the operation of electric motors, as it allows for the motor to be started and stopped smoothly, while also providing protection against short circuits and overloading. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of how a star delta power circuit works, including the components that make up the circuit. In this post will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the star delta power circuit.

Layout diagram

Wiring diagram


  • Contactor Switch-03
  • Push Button (NC, NO) -03
  • Overload -1

Procedure: First, draw the control circuit that comes for the star delta circuit. Then, set all the equipment and items for the control circuit. Check the control circuit with a multi-meter and give a power supply of 230V. Then draw the power circuit and check it with a multi-meter. Then connect it to the main power supply. 

Activity: When S1 activates, K1 and K2 contactors start and switch the motor in the star mode. When S2 switches on, K2 contactor drops. Then, K1 and K3 contactors switch on and activate the motor in the delta mode. 

Conclusion: Circuit activated correctly 

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